Baby and Toddler Drink Cup Guide

Sharing our favorite drink cups for babies and toddlers. The decisions never stop with babies. There are so many resources and opinions out there. While I’m not here to tell you what is the right or the wrong way to go for your little one, I’m sharing things that we have used and loved because you guys asked for it!

When it came to feeding Sutton ,we read up on BLW (Baby Led Weaning) and chose to go that route but we definitely still gave her purees at times. Feeding Littles is a great resource along with these other accounts shared below for BLW and they provide great ideas on what to feed your child. I read articles about how you should start with an open cup so your baby learns how to swallow properly. The tiny cup is too cute but the size and weight of it is perfect! Articles also explain how you should avoid typical sippy cups and the 360 cups. They can affect their jaw and tongue muscles and could cause speech issues. Here’s an article that goes into more detail. For our family this is the route we chose but there’s no judgement here!

Once Sutton learned how to drink water from the tiny cup, we moved to the honey bear straw cup. It’s overpriced but the size is perfect for their little hands and you can squeeze the cup so they can learn how to suck water through the straw. We used it for a handful of months and then I found these awesome leak proof, spill proof straw cups! They are easy to drink out of, easy to clean and not too big for a 10 month old to hold. I do wish they had plain options but the characters are cute for our Frozen loving girl.

Other favorite meal time items

Accounts that have great resources for BLW and meal ideas