Bumpdate: First Trimester

We had started doing some infertility testing in July once we had another negative pregnancy test. My doctor said back in April we could start the process then but since it hadn’t been a full year I wanted to wait a few more months. So fast forward to July all of those initial tests were covered by insurance so why wouldn’t we try and get some answers. We were so ready to start a family and I’m so thankful for Nate’s positivity and trust in him that it will happen at the perfect time.

I did an initial HCG blood test and Nate also got tested. Everything came back great, my doctor said to take a pregnancy test in a week because my levels were high! So at 4 weeks I found out I was actually pregnant! A few friends recommended a few supplements to try to help us get pregnant that worked for them. So I took FertileAid for 2 months and drank this natural powder supplement every morning for a month. I would talk to your doctor before taking either!

Before becoming pregnant, I always imagined enjoying being pregnant and never prepared myself for morning sickness. But who really would?? I was still working out until everything changed at 6 weeks when morning sickness hit me hard. I felt so terrible and nauseous so I spent many days on the couch trying not to get sick and sleep it off. It really hit me at 8 weeks and I was getting sick almost everyday. I had a trip to Texas planned at 10 weeks and I was really questioning if I was going to enjoy my time away.

When I went in for my 8 week appt, I don’t think they believed me on how terrible I felt. I understand a lot of people experience some sort of nausea but I had to advocate that I felt worse and would need some meds to get me through my trip. I never really had second thoughts about taking meds so early in my pregnancy because I trust my doctor that everything would be okay. There were many things that I tried during that time that I will share below to help get through those rough weeks. Luckily I didn’t get sick the whole time I was there!

The whole month of October was pretty terrible for me. I won’t go into much detail but I spent most days not getting out of bed and trying to eat something and control my sickness. I went to urgent care once, should have probably gone twice to get fluids. At the end of that month, I was convinced I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum, luckily I’m feeling better now!

Nate has been amazing during all of this and taking care of me and our home while also working full time. Many days he would come home on his lunch break just to make sure I’m okay. Many random grocery store runs for ginger ale, crackers and anything else I could think of to help me get through the day.

How I told Nate:

I took a pregnancy test early one morning after he left for work. He had no idea I was taking one. I only had one test at home so I ran to target to get a digital pregnancy test, a boy and a girl onesie and a baby book related to being a dad. I ended up seeing him at like 10am that day, had to hold it in that we were pregnant because how would he focus the rest of his workday. That day, I pretty much spent the whole day crying and didn’t get anything done. Haha. He was taking forever to get home but I kept it together until he got there. I put everything in an amazon box and was just like what did you order from amazon? He was so surprised and happy. One of the best moments!

Are we finding out the gender?

Yes! We want to find out before Thanksgiving so we can tell our families with a little reveal! Then I will share the exciting news on here shortly after!

Have we started the nursery?

We plan to start working on it once we know the gender! I don’t really want a gender neutral room even though my husband thinks we should so for our next baby they can use the same room, but that’s not what I have in mind. Haha

What I’m wearing:

I’ve basically been living in pjs, leggings and sweatpants! There were a few days that I would get ready and luckily all of my jeans still currently fit!

Favorite apps:

I really like the What to Expect and and The Bump! Both share really cool information of your baby week by week.

Did you have any weight gain?

As of the first trimester I haven’t but that all is because of how sick I have been. My doctor was just happy to see that I didn’t lose any weight.

Things I’m trying for nausea:

Anything and everything friends have recommended, I was willing to give a try! Saltine and Ritz crackers by me at all hours. Other salty foods that helped were BBQ chips and popcorn and sour candy. These hard candies I had in my mouth 24/7 for the first month. Ginger Ale and propel (since it has B6) I drank often because regular water was not happening. I am still taking B6 3 times a day and then Unisom at night (recommended by my doctor).


Since I was so sick, I didn’t really have any cravings. I still cannot eat any meat. I really liked mexican and cheese enchiladas. And then a few nights a week I would request a side of mashed potatoes and gravy and pickles from Hickory Park.

My updated beauty routine:

Since finding out that I was pregnant, I stopped using all of my beloved Tula products! Some of the products have some anit-aging ingredients so I decided to cut them out. I picked up the basic products that are considered pregnancy safe. Here is my current face wash: makeup remover: Toner: Moisturizer:

Product favorites

All photos taken by Kiana Grant Photography